Holy Land Biblical Garden

Enter the Holy Land, a replica of ancient Israel in our Biblical Botanical Garden with more than 100 temperate and tropical plants. See the land of the Bible, the Holy Land – ancient Israel, in a setting of a cascading waterfall, a desert, a bubbling stream, the Jordan, which meanders through the garden from Lake Kineret to the Dead Sea. Brochures and books are available. All plants are labeled. A Biblical verse accompanies each plant.

We feature biblical plants as well as numerous plants with biblical names.  Such plants demonstrate the universal love of the Bible as people in each century gave local plants a biblical name such as ‘Moses in the Basket’ or ‘Joseph’s Coat.’

Welcome to Shalom– the only Biblical Landscape Reserve in the Maasai Mara, where you can see and experience the Land of the Bible as it was during the time of the Bible.


Located  in Siana Spring  Conservancy  only 20 minutes from Sekenenai gate  offers over (20 acres) of picturesque biblical landscape with plants and trees, water and agricultural installations as they were over 2,000 years ago. Live the life of our forefathers, the founders of the Jewish and Christian faiths, picking the fruits of the Seven Species of the Land of Israel (when in season), making olive oil, tasting the produce of the vine, herding sheep and goats, drawing water from an ancient cistern.


Literally with the Bible in one hand and a spade in the other, has established a network of natural and agricultural landscapes bearing names that indicate their textual source – the Forest of Milk and Honey, Dale of the Song of Songs, Isaiah’s Vineyard, the Fields of the Seven Species are only some of the areas which we have created which embody the panorama and power of the landscapes reflected in the Bible.

The garden draws on a variety of disciplines — Bible scholarship, botany, zoology, geography, history, and archaeology — to bring the Bible and its commentaries to life.


Hundreds of varieties of biblical and talmudic plants; wild and domesticated animals; ancient and reconstructed olive and wine presses, threshing floors, cisterns, and ritual baths bring to life the literal roots of the biblical tradition in the soil of the land of Israel.

Holy Land garden offers endless opportunities to connect visitors to their heritage, through hands-on innovative programming for guests of all ages and backgrounds. Tours are available – either with one of our guides or on your own with a map in hand.  Additionally, you may choose from a wide range of leadership programs and sheep-herding workshops, biblical cooking workshops, educational programs ranging from one hour to one week, summer camp programs, tree-planting ceremonies, a train-ride tour of the park, and safari tours. In addition, the park makes an elegant and unique setting for wedding full service planning and programming, and any other type of event for out-of country hosts.


By reuniting text and context,  Holy land gardens opens up before the visitor Israel’s nature as the idiom of the Bible. The symbols, prayers, and holidays of the Jewish and Christian heritage, observed and preserved for thousands of years, blossom in a new and colorful dimension at Neot Kedumim, the world’s only biblical landscape reserve.


Proposed Shalom Legacy Center

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